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Change someone's tomorrow, join the British Bone Marrow Registry today

What is bone marrow?

Bone marrow is a remarkable factory. It's the soft, spongy tissue found at the centre of certain bones in your body where blood stem cells live. Blood stem cells produce all your essential blood cells, such as red blood cells to carry oxygen and white blood cells to fight infection.

Who needs bone marrow transplants?

There are some diseases, such as some forms of leukaemia, which stop the factory from working properly. For many such patients, the best hope of a cure is receiving a bone marrow transplant.

What is the British Bone Marrow Registry?

The British Bone Marrow Registry (BBMR) is part of NHS Blood and Transplant. We help patients find suitable stem cell matches by recruiting potential donors from our dedicated blood donors.

Who can register with the British Bone Marrow Registry?

We recruit donors to meet the needs of patients. We exclusively recruit donors from one of the following two groups:
1. White male donors aged 17-40
2. Black, Asian, minority ethnic or mixed race donors of either gender aged 17-40.

How can I join the British Bone Marrow Register?

Download and print the registration form and inform the staff at the blood donation session that you wish to join the BBMR before your blood donation is taken, they will then take an extra small sample of blood at the same time as your donation. Find your nearest blood session.

How can I find out more?

Our British Bone Marrow leaflet explains in further detail about matching bone marrow patients, the two different donation processes and other FAQ's.

Who are Team Margot?

Team Margot is a fantastic charity that began because of a special little girl, named Margot, who needed a Bone Marrow Transplant. Team Margot campaigns for more potential bone marrow/stem cell donors to join the register, especially people with a mixed genealogy. Margot’s mixed family background was the key obstacle to finding her a perfect match.